Volume 1: Issue 1

Sage Parenting

A Fairy Went A-Marketing
by Rose Fyleman, illustrated by Jamicheal Henterly

Reveiw by Green Willow Mama

I am addicted to buying children's books and love when a story teaches wonderful loving lessons AND has gorgeous illustrations to go along with it. A Fairy Went A-Marketing is a simple story with a very gentle and moving message. A little fairy goes to a magical market (where weasels and moles sell wool, candles, berries and lotsa of wonderful things for you and your child to discover while you drink up the pictures) and buys different things...a fish, a bird, a winter gown, and a little mouse. She is a very generous soul and her kind actions (she sets the fish, bird and mouse free and gives her winter gown to a frog to keep him warm at night) will touch your heart. The pictures are a delight. Each page and picture can be pored over and you will be excited to see all the wonderful little secrets and details. Her house has bits of candles, dandelions used for brooms, herbs, feathers in a vase, a wasp nest is a letter holder, tiny shells adorn her dresser, a basket of little sunflower seeds to share with the woodland squirrels, etc.)...I bought this book for my daughter (she is only four months old but i can't wait till i can share it with her) but read it to my son who adores it. The text is beautiful and he can recite it now by heart...a sure sign that this book is well-loved. A Fairy Went A-Marketing is one of my favorites of ours, and i always reach for it when my boy wants a story. Utterly perfect for snuggling up to and enjoying before bedtime.