Volume 1: Issue 1

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Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover made by Bi-O-Kleen

Review By Green Willow Mama

As an aspiring domestic funky hippie goddess, I keep my ears peeled for products to help me keep things clean, fresh-smelling and don't hurt the Earth or are harmful to my kids. I kept hearing people mention Bac-Out (an odor and stain remover made by Bio-Kleen) and when the paycheck came, i used up some of our mulah and ordered a nice big bottle of Bac-out from Earthbaby.com. Bac-Out is a well-loved product that alot of cloth diaperings mamas (and papas) have on hand because it is so easy to use and can make your diapers smell not so funky. It has little natural enzymes in it that do some sorta magic to my diaper pail. (well, okay the little enzymes eat the organic matter till it doesn't stink anymore...sending it back into nature) You get a dirty diaper and you squirt a little on the diaper and plop it into the pail. On laundry day, you can squirt a little more into the wash load and your diapers have a nice sweet clean smell to them. You can also squirt some into the bottom of the pail too. It is all natural and the ingredients make me feel good: natural enzyme cultures, food grade lime extracts and stablizers, vegetable based surfactents and filtered spring water. That's it! Nothing weird chemically sounding. It smells like orange blossom soda and i am very happy with it so far. You can also use it carpets, drains, soap scum, mold, mildew and toilet stains and odors. I forgotten about a load of laundry for a bit, and it stunk when i finally remember it. I just squirted some Bac-Out in it, waited a bit, then rewashed the load. No mildew smell. Yay! The bottle is cute too with that little Bio-Kleen deer sipping water and a rainbow in the sunny sky. Ahh, i feel calmer just looking at it. :-) I keep popping the lid open to sniff it, but then again, i am a big huge nerd. My friend is addicted to the stuff and now i guess i share her addiction!

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