Volume 1: Issue 1

Sage Parenting


Imagine growing up with a voice. You choose how you spend your time and with whom. You choose what you eat, what you wear, when you sleep, and where you go. Not only is your life truly what you make it, you have experienced advisors to help you make your dreams reality. These advisors truly want what you want. They offer loving support and respectful advice. There are no rules, no boundaries, no restrictions beyond what you discover for yourself. This is what being a child in a TCS family means to me.

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TCS/NCP/CPF definitions & descriptions

This is a support forum for people who are interested in TCS/CPF/NCP. We welcome earnest questions and answers, and it is our intent to reply to all posters with compassion and respect. People wishing to debate these theories should not post here, but in The Ring or at the TCS Discussion Board

TCS = Taking Children Seriously
"TCS is an educational philosophy. Its most distinctive feature is the idea that it is possible and desirable to bring up children entirely without doing things to them against their will, or making them do things against their will, and that they are entitled to the same rights, respect and control over their lives as adults." --Former TCS website. See Sarah Fitz-Claridge's "Introduction to TCS" for more information.

CPF = Common Preference Finding
"A common preference is a solution to a problem, or resolution of a disagreement, that all parties prefer to their prima facie positions, and to all other candidate solutions they can think of. It is the solution that pleases everyone involved in the disagreement. " --TCS Glossary

NCP = NonCoercive Parenting
"Our definition of coercion makes precise the idea of being compelled to act against one's own will:
By “coercion” we mean:
1.the psychological state of enacting one idea or impulse while a conflicting impulse is still active in one's mind.
This leads to some subsidiary meanings:
2.the action of intentionally or recklessly placing someone in a state of enacting one theory while a rival theory is still active in the person's mind;
3.behaviour that is intended, or likely, to do this.
Intentionally or recklessly to place someone in a state of coercion (1); or to behave in a way that is intended, or likely, to do this.
Likely to place someone in a state of enacting one theory while a rival theory is still active in his or her mind. "
--TCS Glossary

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