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Welcome to our web site created by the members of the Sage Parenting Message Board.

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This site contains information and resources for Attachment/Natural Parenting and Natural Living.Our SP message board members wrote the articles you find here, presenting ideas that have worked for the authors and the children in their lives. But how one parents is a personal decision— take the information that makes sense to you and leave the rest.

Who are we?

Sage Parenting began as a Natural Parenting message-board. We are a community of diverse peoples joined in a search for support and information regarding Natural Living and Attachment/Natural Parenting. Instinct, respect and mindfulness guide our natural living and parenting choices.

What is Attachment Parenting/ Natural Parenting?

Attachment Parenting (AP) favors loving arms over objects and human contact over absence. Some prefer the term Natural Parenting (NP) to describe this approach. Both AP and NP follow ancient methods of child rearing, where infants are kept close, breastfed on demand (and into toddler-hood), attended to immediately and nurtured gently.

AP/NP forges a strong bond between parents and infant—from birth, children know they are loved, will have their needs met, and can trust their caregivers completely. It is in this way that children thrive and become independent and compassionate citizens of the world.

AP/NP Ideals:

Responding to our babies needs—hunger, security, warmth
Holding and wearing our babies as often as possible
Sleeping with our babies —never leaving our children to “cry it out”
Breastfeeding/extended breastfeeding—please see our article on AP
bottle-feeding if breastfeeding is not possible
“Cooperatively weaning” (weaning as a mutual decision between mother and child)
Spending as much time connecting with and responding to our babies —avoiding prolonged separation
Parenting gently—acting as our children’s “trusted advisor”

What is Natural Living?

AP/NP styles of parenting relate to concepts of Natural Living (NL) — living in harmony with nature. As parents who embrace natural living, we
consider these ideals:

Natural family planning
Avoiding unnecessary interventions in birth
Leaving our sons whole and intact (foregoing circumcision)
Delaying/foregoing vaccinations or selectively vaccinating
Cloth diapering
Delaying solids
Utilizing natural materials/toys
Learning/schooling at home
Using chemical-free/natural products in and around the home

Other NL Ideals:

Minimizing our impact on the environment—reduce, reuse, recycle
Seeking natural remedies as complement or alternative to western medicine
Being aware of and guided by the Earth’s cycles and seasons
Eating a whole foods diet

Disclaimer - The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions and experience of Sage Parenting parents. They are not intended as medical advice. We encourage you to make your parenting decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.